Hard 8
Restaurant Industry | Branding, Website Design, SEO

Bar restaurant logo signage branding
Bar restaurant logo signage branding
Bar restaurant brand signage design


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  • Food
  • Hospitality


  • Project Management
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • UI - User Interface
  • UX - User Experience
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • SEO

The brief

Hard 8 runs a burger restaurant in Northwood, Middlesex. The folks behind it asked us to create its branding from scratch, then to design and develop a funky new website. They needed us to:

  • Establish a brand identity to lead the restaurant’s interior: rustic, but contemporary and industrial
  • Bring reference to an "American diner" style
  • Create a buzz about the restaurant to attract new burger fans

We got hungry looking at all those burgers – luckily, they also fuelled our appetite for great design!

Burger restaurant branding

The branding

Burger restaurants and bars are fun, happy places. At least, they should be. So we wanted a brand identity that’d reflect those joyful vibes. We chose a sans serif font for a contemporary feel and bold, uppercase letters to toughen the words (or add a “bit of meat”, if you will).

Next, we designed cool icons and playful prints to use across Hard 8’s menus, stationery and throughout the restaurant itself. A simple and fun way to visually express what the brand’s all about.

Hard 8 bar restaurant logo design
Hard 8 bar restaurant logo design
Bar restaurant menu design

Graphics & marketing material

We also created graphics for various on and offline campaigns, like seasonal (Christmas & Easter) and promotional campaigns for new products or offers. This content included posters, leaflets, Christmas menus, plus social media and website banners.

Hard 8 bar restaurant staff uniform branding
Hard 8 bar restaurant staff uniform branding
Hard 8 bar restaurant paper bag branding
Hard 8 burger paper branding design
Hard 8 burger paper branding design

The design process

Now that we had a killer brand identity, we knew how we wanted the website to look. And we designed it with a clear customer profile in mind.

Our main goal? To display the menu in a user-friendly manner. We used drop-downs to avoid overwhelming potential customers, kept the content on each page short ‘n’ sweet and made it all responsive (since most hungry folk search and book from mobile devices). We also integrated an online table reservation system to make booking a breeze.

We kept up the fresh, modern feel that we’d used in all branding and marketing materials – placing our customised icons as visual markers for content pages and sections.

Bar restaurant business stationery brand design
Bar restaurant marketing poster design
Hard 8 business cards branding design

The result

A bold, no-nonsense website that still makes our mouths water when we look at it! It’s simple, it’s classic and it lets the brand (and its burgers) lead the story.