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The brief

KLT specialise in gas, water, electric and cable – in fact, they’re the largest utility contractor in Southern England. They approached us to redesign and develop their existing website with 5 aims:

  • Showcase their expert industry services
  • Highlight their health & safety procedures
  • Restructure the user journey with great content
  • Display job vacancies and user friendly application forms
  • Drive traffic to the site through SEO

A lot to do, right? Luckily, it didn’t faze us!

KLT construction mobile friendly website design

The design process

We kept “on brand” as much as possible, using a sepia photographic style to create a modern, industrial look and feel. Using photos of site workers together dialled up the human aspect to show how KLT is made up of real people - that customers can trust.

We kept it all nice ‘n’ clean to really simplify things for the customer, who remained our focus throughout the design process.

KLT construction responsive website design


The result

We love the personal feel of KLT’s website - it’s all about honesty, expertise, safety and trust. It’s easy for people to get in touch, whether it’s to hire a contractor or to join the team. And their many different services appear in an easily digestible way. It was a big job, but we’re proud of the results!